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Deputy Sheriff  –  bike wear not of this world !


We have created our own world. In our world you can feel freedom, enjoy the elements, move on – standing still is moving backwards!

Deputy Sheriff is the brand that combines function with remarkable designs. Deputy Sheriff touches your heart and hits you at your sore point: You love cool designs more than boring simple polyester coats which just prevent from getting cold.

Deputy Sheriff creates its designs in the sunny south of Switzerland – already in the influence of Italy but still close to the Swiss Alps. We want to let you feel freedom. Freedom to have a particular taste – an extremely good and unique one!

Quality is for us just as important as a fair production, therefore we produce in Western Europe and we use only high-end fabrics. Deputy Sheriff cycling clothes are developed by passionate cyclists and functionality stays always in harmony with design. With Deputy Sheriff the fun already begins when you take your clothes out of the wardrobe.

Let's RIDE!



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