Cycling means for you not only the movement from A to B. You are infected with the bike virus and you need the wind in the face like the air you breathe. Deputy Sheriff RACE clothes are the uncompromising answer to the question about the perfect outfit and the second skin which protects you against external elements.

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Life is heavy enough – with these superlight jerseys and shorts you will feel the lightness of being. FUN clothing is good mood pure and the perfect outfit for your bike trip or your enduro ride wherever your trail goes to. With these designs even the marmots are whistling!

Let‘s have FUN!





Ground contact is not the most important thing! You enjoy the thrill when you are hunting for the perfect trail, you love the excitement before an enduro race or you need the kick at the downhill. Adrenalin is running through your veins and sweet drops are on your forehead … THRILL outfits are wacky designs for exciting bike adventures.

Let‘s seek the THRILL!

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Our collection does not follow the beaten tracks, it goes its own way. You’ll never get bored! Unique designs and up-to-date fabrics are melting together to something particular. Good to know that all our clothes are fair and environmentally friendly produced in the Western Europe. You are something special and for this reason you should wear also something special. Deputy Sheriff is catching your eye.

Let's RIDE!